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The discipline is academic with emphasis to laboratory experiences. It is constituted by a block of theoretical subjects describing principles and applications of nanotechnologies in the field of nanomaterials, nanofotonics, and bionanotechnologies, and a block of theoretical subjects focused on methods of nanomaterials characterization. The curriculum includes three 5-weeks laboratory practice, which guarantee high laboratory experiences of the graduates.

The graduates demonstrate deep knowledge of the principles in the field of nanomaterials and methods of their characterization (experimental as well as theoretical). The graduates have considerable laboratory experiences in the fields of nanotechnological research. They are able to work in a team and study the subjects for a long time. In accordance to their individual specialization, they can get enhanced knowledge in the fields of nanomaterials research, bionanotechnologies and nanofotonics.

Plan of study

Compulsory courses

1st year of study:

2nd year of study:

Compulsory options

Optional courses

W – Winter semestr
S  – Summer semester

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