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Palacký University

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Master's degree in the programme Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering prepares broadly trained specialists for laboratory, research and practical technological work with a broad expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology and bioengineering. The programme is designed as a set of theoretical and practical courses of biological, biotechnological and molecular disciplines, with emphasis on the ability of graduates to apply modern biotechnological methods practically. The programme educates specialists for laboratory and technological workplaces in biotechnology, agriculture, food and pharmaceutical industry, as well as in academic institutions. Graduates have knowledge of the theoretical and practical principles of modern technologies producing organic plant and microbial products, production of biopharmaceuticals, new crop varieties and biologically active substances.

Teaching comprehensively covers the basics and principles of theoretical and practical problems of biotechnology in relation to the applicability in microbial, plant, animal and medical biotechnologies. Is fully in line with current trends and the latest findings. Graduates receive the good orientation in topics of the regulation in living systems from the molecular level to the level of the whole organism. Emphasis is placed on understanding the molecular structure of genes, chromosomes and information macromolecules, practical applications of recombinant DNA technology and transformation techniques. Graduates understand the issue of the use of genetically modified organisms in biotechnology, the risk of their creation, safety rules with transgenic organisms, as well as ethical issues related to interspecies gene transfer and production of transgenic organisms. They understand the importance of methodological techniques of molecular biology, gene cloning and in vitro techniques, theoretically and practically applicable in biotechnology, with full ability to use them practically.

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